Book 6

Sepp Rehab and Restoration
There is a price to pay for everything, but then life happens. Sepp survives thanks to the skills learned. A new beginning, a new start, the same old Sepp


Sepp’s Odyssey led him from Bavaria to the Hansestadt, to Andalusia, then the most southern tip of Africa, before he moved on, to the Mid-West, and finally to the West Coast of America. He traveled by foot, by bicycle, in cars, on planes and boats. He stumbled, fumbled, skidded, tripped, crawled, skated and coasted, yet always went forward.

Lackadaisical, too much distracted by tomorrow’s expectations and yesterday’s unfulfilled dreams, every so often Sepp had one foot in the past and one foot in the future, while pissing away the precious gifts of yet another most valuable day, a present of the presence!

Somehow, something, somebody always protected him whenever he failed the tests of life, whereby all lessons learned were well taken, but sometimes not considered seriously.

Sepp, Rehab is book #6 in a series of fiction writing describing Sepp’s Odyssey before and after the turn of the century.

It is portraying Sepp’s struggles to survive, by working hard and partying hard, doing as he had learned back in the Hansestadt. And he uses his talents to create, battling the misfortunate habits to destroy all he worked for, within moments.

Sepp had to be doing better than anyone else to prove a point namely that he was somebody, was the faster, the smarter. Sepp was unable to accept that he was who he was. Up to now he still thought that he was different than those others, he met. He was better than the ones addicted to sex and having problems with alcohol.

Sepp dislikes DUIs and the cost of those inconveniences. After all, Sepp was self-made, he started from a nothing son of a shoemaker, and he made it. Sepp is married to one of the prettiest women he had ever seen. He built up a small fortune in a short time. Yes, he likes sex. After all, he is a healthy strong young man who loves temptations. Sepp savors expensive unblended aged Scotch Whisky with a side of beer because he can afford to buy the best quality. It has not happened to me yet, those ‘yets’ are still waiting for him. But does Sepp know it?




of war, rape, addictions, sex, hospitality gossip, obsessions, information technology and good times…