Book 7

Sepp Home

All Sepp books are stories about war, refugees, money, sex, religion, apartheid, food and very common issues, such as addiction, and spiritual awakenings.

The Sepp books are without a so-called hero. We have Sepp, an ordinary kid growing up slowly on planet earth, and he has no special super powers, aside from a ‘Guardian Angel’ and the ’schmaltzy’ Walter fellow, until he finds what he always wanted.

In Book#1 the reader is introduced to Sepp’s family, a shoemaker who had left his shop in Troppau in 1945, and a farmer’s wife deported from the Sudetenland in January of 1949. A rape at the train station belongs to the family story. Sepp, happens to happen 9 months later. He grows up where people don’t embrace and nurture him, so he wishes with all his heart to get away, far-far away.

In Book#2 Sepp lives in the attic of an old restaurant as an apprentice for the duration of 3 apprenticeships. Sepp’s co-workers have no time to cuddle him, but teach Sepp what hard work is, he works 12-14 hour days. His peers introduce him to alcoholic beverages as entertainment, to relax and recover after a long day of work. For occasional pleasures and as an outlet for his energies he learns the values of recreational sex. Here at the restaurant Sepp gets to work dinner-parties of as many as 2000 people, and ship christenings and maiden voyages for shipping tycoons, as well as many private functions at wealthy people’s homes.

In Book#3 Sepp gets fired and is on the road to look for work, which he finds because he is used to work hard. Aside from being willing to work, Sepp has papers. There are the certificates for the completed apprenticeship as waiter, the apprenticeship as a cook, and an apprenticeship as Hotel manager. He also has a Hotel school letter which shows 7 years of Hotel school with his apprenticeships and above average high marks. After working in Andalusia, Sepp works at a 5-star All-Suites hotel in South Africa, and experiences the world of the famous, the affluent, the rich and the want-to-be-somebody. Sepp learns more about apartheid then he ever wanted to know, in an Apartheid Era South Africa.

In Book#4 Sepp moves on, to the Western Cape, and his wife falls in love with the endless ‘Whites Only’ beaches, and the warm water of the Indian Ocean. She gets disappointed because Sepp accepts an offer to work for an American Investor and his daughter. Without knowing who Walter van Russbourg really is, and because of circumstances beyond Sepp’s control, he is making a ‘lot’ of money.

In Book#5 it is all about a Sepp, hardworking, risk taking and living what he considers the good life in California. He believes in the power of money, because without really doing much, except risking jail or prison, by bending some rules, and being at the right time at the right place, he has money coming his way wherever he goes. Sepp forms a California Corporation, and is investing in properties. Does his luck run out?

In Book#6 Sepp is surviving yet another meeting with ‘the end of life as he understands it’ with the help of his ‘Guardian Angel.’ He works hard but struggles as he deals with the ruin of relationships, bank accounts, and possessions. After several attempts to get a grip on life, he realizes that he has no control and therefore gives up to win. When everything is going Sepp’s way, and a good friend needs a favor, Sepp agrees to skipper the 72foot MY-Seefahrt down south to Puerto Vallarta. Coming back Sepp has to start over, and he does.


Sepp, Home Book #7 builds on books#1 through #6. Will Sepp ever find out the truth about Walter van Russbourg, his real father, or maybe not?

Here in book#7 we get another good look at Sepp, who was born in Northern Bavaria, He grew up in the American Zone of West Germany. Sepp’s dream was to live in America, ever since the days he learned to read. His favorite books were Wild West stories, about America, Cowboys and Indians. Sepp, since youth, had attempted to fit in. Yet upon arrival in California he feels at home.

Sepp’s Odyssey started in Bavaria. He moved to the Hansestadt to learn a trade, and then to Andalusia to have a well-paying job. When circumstances made him leave Spain, Sepp took a gamble and  looked for work in South Africa.

When a fortune teller, Madam Rosalie, told him about his travels to the West Coast of America, Sepp was somewhat excited, but in disbelief until it happened.

Sepp traveled on foot, on a bicycle, in cars, on planes and boats. He stumbled, fumbled, crawled, skated and ran, yet always went forward, in search for the place where he could feel at home.

Based on an inflated sense of his actual worth, Sepp took it for granted that he left lasting impressions with every step taken. Indeed, with every footstep forward, in sand, snow and dirt, on meadows and freshly plowed fields, he abandoned the imprints previously made. They turned into ‘vestiges of the past’ as he moved ahead briskly without looking back.

Somehow, his ‘Guardian Angel’ is always there whenever he fails a test of life.

Now in Sepp, Home Book#7 Sepp learns from his lessons, realizing the insanity of his actions and as he stops fighting and gives up, he wins, and finds his place in life. But is being at home and in peace really an inside job?

A different Sepp, he changes, as he finds in changing the solution, humbled but happy no longer wanting to have someone else’s house, bank account, girlfriend. By just being happy about being and being himself Sepp is. He has found the place he had been searching for all those years. A place he calls home.



of war, rape, addictions, sex, hospitality gossip, obsessions, information technology and good times…