by helmut s.

The 5 pictures below are:

Restaurant Manager helmut s.


…as a young man helmut s. was managing fine and not so fine restaurants and hotels on several continents…

helmut s. and Richard Burton


…here we have both Richard Burton and helmut s. admiring the diamond ring helmut had gotten him for the marriage to Liz Taylor in South Africa…

helmut s. at a Food Show


…because of his past apprentice ships and training in hospitality helmut s did much table side work in world class hotels and restaurants. The picture shows him doing Banana Foster desserts in Santa Cruz, at the Cocoanut Grove during a Food Show…

helmut s. CEO INC, a Delaware Corporation


…after being immersed in to Information Technology for over 20 years, helmut s. has returned to enjoy his favorite past time, namely writing fiction and poetry…

Sepp books, a series of 7 books

a Novel, historical fiction in epic style by helmut schonwalder

of war, rape, addictions, sex, hospitality gossip, obsessions, information technology and good times…