Sepp, Hansestadt the Apprentice is book #2 in a series of fiction writing describing a section of Sepp’s Odyssey during the past century. It portrays Sepp’s growing up years from age thirteen to twenty-two.

Sepp’s mother, Erika had been handed her expulsion notice in December of 1948 and she left March of 1949 what used to be the family farm in the Sudetenland. With the help of a green-eyed soldier, Erika made it just in time to her train to the West. Here, in the American Zone, Erika, in desperate need for shoes, fell stepping off the train into a shoemaker’s arms.

In January of 1950 her son, Sepp was born in the Frankenland. His parents, who had had no plans to raise another child, did their very best. Sepp went to school for eight years in Kleinerort 4, followed by 4 more years of Oberealschule in Unterschwarzenberg to age 13. Then it was time for him to stand on his own two feet.

The 13-year-old Sepp went to the ‘Arbeitsamt’ (German Federal Employment Agency) in Unterschwarzenberg. Here on his first try, Sepp got offered an apprenticeship as a waiter in Altestadt at a most famous Luxury Hotel. He tried but failed, only to regroup and on his second attempt was accepted as a waiter apprentice in the Hansestadt.

After a 12-hour long train ride, upon arrival at his new workplace, Sepp knew he had it made. Sepp was willing to do whatever it might take to stay and call the Ferry-Restaurant-Café&Bar his home for good. He was not going back to Kleinerort.

It is here at the Ferry-Restaurant-Café&Bar that Sepp learns all about working and living life from Herr Krause, Herr Braun, Karl-Heinz, Herr Kohl, Herr Arno, Udo, and Herr Wagner, Slavka, and Luise — not just some names for Old Times sake — but real people.

Each one of these people helps to shape Sepp’s outlook on how to enjoy work and survive life in the hospitality world. Sepp becomes a product of his surroundings and the society. Sepp’s life changes, as his motives, reasons, and purpose change daily.

He loves having his own room in the attic, the good food, the friendly people, indoor plumbing, shower and all those many things he never had before. As time goes on, he learns a new behavior by copying the style and conduct, the manners and actions as seen by his superiors, co-workers, buddies, and friends.

With Karl-Heinz’ help he gets introduced to manhood. Added to the three hospitality apprenticeships, Sepp receives hands on training in the sciences of sexuality. For the reader it is important to know and understand that the age of consent in Germany is 14, and any person mentioned in this book over the age of 21 did not exploit the 14 – 15 year old Sepp. He was seeking out and welcoming the adventures and temptation, and fully enjoyed all situations which offered him sexual education and study-time.

Hansestadt the Apprentice Sepp, the son of deportees from the Sudetenland, grew up in the American Zone of West Germany. By age 13 it was time for him to get on his own feet and he signed up for an apprenticeship as a waiter.

Waiter Apprenticeship  Sepp signed up for a three-year apprenticeship in the Hansestadt at a century-old restaurant. Sepp grew up fast while being part of the world of grownups, who believed in you work hard, you party hard. Here Sepp learned about the powers of booze and sex and money. He adapted and integrated into the scenery of the time fast.

Cook Apprenticeship Once Sepp received his certifications for the completed apprenticeship, he got ready to keep on learning. Next, it was to become a cook. To make ends meet he also worked as a waiter.

Hotel Kaufmann Apprenticeship Not enough that he had been certified by the Chamber of Commerce and the Hotelschule to be knowledgeable in food and service, Sepp added a hotel and restaurant management apprenticeship.

Hotel and Restaurant Manager At age 21 Sepp became the youngest Hotel and Restaurant Manager in town. He knew he deserved the position, after all, he had worked for it hard, seven years of apprenticeships at $20 a month, and at least 20 hours each week on unpaid overtime, working as a waiter to create an income to support himself. Having found his calling, the place he wanted to live and work forever, Sepp worked hard to prove he was worthy of the trust placed in him, but then not all went according to plan.



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