The Epic Story Of Sepp’s Journey:

The collection of all 7 books in one download!

The Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls collection includes all 7 Sepp-Books the whole saga in epic proportion from Germany via Spain and South Africa to America for one low price of $12.



Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls of an International Hospitality Professional takes us on a journey from the Sudeten Mountains to the West German American Zone, and provides a window into Sepp growing up in a 1950-60 Frankenland, before getting his professional education in the International Hospitality Industry during the 1960s. Here he works and earns his living in restaurants and hotels. Sepp witnesses how money plays a big role. The ones who have ample cash enjoy understating, while those who don’t have it, overstate by acting like being rich. Sepp spends many years in the Hansestadt before his travels and new job in Andalusia. And from here Sepp immigrates to South Africa. After working at the Indian Ocean’s shore he emigrates from Africa to the United States starting out in Kansas City and finally making his home among the Redwoods along the Pacific Ocean front of California.

The Sepp books describe ‘waiting on tables,’ preparing food, and ‘being of service to hotel guests.’ Sepp gets to deal with issues and non-issues, about money, sex, religion, apartheid, and many other common problems, like wars and refugees as well as addictions, and finally gets a tour into spiritual awakenings.

   The Sepp books are without a so-called hero. We have Sepp, an ordinary kid growing up slowly on planet earth. He is bright and stupid at the same time. Sepp has no special super powers, aside from a ‘Guardian Angel’ and the ’schmaltzy’ Walter fellow. Sepp’s trek doesn’t end until he finds what he always needed, and it may not be what he wanted.

   In Book #1 the reader is introduced to Sepp’s family, a shoemaker who had left his shop in Troppau in 1945, and a farmer’s wife deported from her Sudetenland in late winter of 1949. The rape at the train station belongs to the family story, so does a barefoot Erika falling from the train into a waiting shoemaker’s arms. Sepp happens to happen nine months later. He grows up where people don’t embrace and nurture him, so he wishes with all his heart to get away, far-far away.

   In Book #2, we get to see Sepp’s life in the attic of a 1000 year old restaurant, during the duration of 3 apprenticeships. Sepp’s co-workers have no time to cuddle him. They teach Sepp what customer service is all about. Motivated by the saying “You need money, earn it!” he enjoys the work, even on 12-14 hour days. His peers introduce him to alcoholic beverages to relax and recover after a long days of work. They also make sure he knows what to drink to celebrate successes, and how to wash away downfalls. Sepp doesn’t understand yet, that ‘the more the better’ is more often wrong than true. For occasional pleasures and entertainment as an outlet for his energies he learns the values of recreational sex. Here at the restaurant, Sepp gets familiarized with working dinner-parties of as many as 2000 people. He becomes aware of the needed preparations when catering ship christenings and maiden voyages for shipping tycoons, as well as him getting acquainted with the concepts and etiquettes for private functions at wealthy people’s homes. Sepp likes to cook. He knows “Neither food nor sound last forever. Both so temporary, they please the heart and soul while present.” It is however the waiting on tables, where he makes his money.

   In Book #3 Sepp learns about American Fast Food, before starting his duties for the Fatherland. After basic training he runs an Officer’s Club with great success. Reporting back to work after a well-deserved vacation, at the restaurant where he feels at home since age 13, Sepp finds out he is fired. After 11 years at the same workplace, Sepp is devastated. Looking for work, work finds him. He is offered and Assistant Management Job at a new Golf Resort just south of Marbella, Costa Del Sol. Aside from being willing to work, Sepp has papers. There are the certificates for the completed apprenticeship as a waiter, the apprenticeship as a cook, and an apprenticeship as a Hotel manager. Furthermore he has the Hotel school letter which shows seven years of Hotel school with his apprenticeships, and above average high marks. A happy Sepp and wife move to Andalusia, when this employment ends, Sepp moves on and soon after, works at a 5-star All-Suites hotel in South Africa. Here he experiences the world of the famous, the affluent, the rich and the want-to-be-somebody. Sepp learns more about apartheid than he ever wanted to know, in an Apartheid Era South Africa.

   In Book #4 Sepp moves on, to the Western Cape, and his wife falls in love with the endless ‘Whites Only’ beaches, and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. She gets disappointed because Sepp accepts an offer to work for an American Investor and his daughter. Without knowing who Walter van Russbourg is, and because of circumstances beyond Sepp’s control, he is making a ‘lot’ of money. And Sepp travels to the land of his dreams. Illegally smuggling from one country while legally retuning assets to another country turns out to be very lucrative.

   In Book #5 we see Sepp, hard working, risk taking and living what he considers the good life in California. He believes in the power of money because without really doing much, except risking jail or prison, by bending some laws and rules and being at the right time at the right place, he has money coming his way wherever he goes. Sepp forms a California Corporation and is investing in properties. Then, why does his luck run out?

   In Book #6 Sepp is surviving yet another meeting with ‘the end of life as he understands it’ with the help of his ‘Guardian Angel.’ He works hard but struggles as he faces spiritual and financial bankruptcies. After several attempts to get a grip on life, he realizes that he has no control and therefore gives up to win. When everything is going Sepp’s way, and a good friend needs a favor, Sepp agrees to skipper the 72foot MY-Seefahrt down south to Puerto Vallarta. Returning to California, Sepp has to start over, and he does, with the help of friends.

   Book #7 builds on books#1 through #6. Will Sepp ever find out the truth about Walter van Russbourg, his birth father, or maybe not? Sepp taking inventory learns from his lessons, realizing the insanity of his actions and as he stops fighting and gives up, and finds his place in life. However, is being at home and in peace within, worth the journey?

The collection of all 7 books in one download!

The Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls collection includes all 7 Sepp-Books the whole saga in epic proportion from Germany via Spain and South Africa to America for one low price of $12.

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